A patented moisture management technology

SmartMoisture contains a unique combination of esterified propionic acid, buffered organic acids and surfactants.

How it works

The components in SmartMoisture allow moisture to penetrate the feed particles, reducing free water and allowing moisture to be retained in the feed throughout the milling process.

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Key benefits


Consistent formulation moisture


Better starch gelatinisation leading to better pellet quality


Higher throughput, less energy needed and reduced die wear


Improved protection against microbial growth


Better financial returns

Dosing equipment and partners

Specialised dosing equipment is needed for optimal results in moisture management and milling efficiencies.

This equipment needs to:

  • Be accurate
  • Be reliable
  • Deliver the liquids fast and at the right concentration
  • Deliver a pressurised spray
  • Have nozzles fitted and angled correctly
  • Be automated and compatible to your feed mill operating system.
Image showing dosing equipment for SmartMoisture

We have a range of international and local liquid dosing equipment manufacturing partners that manufacture, install and maintain dosing equipment.

Equipment can be specified from a simple system, dosing SmartMoisture and water at the correct concentration through to a system that can automatically adjust dosing based on a reading from a moisture senser installed inside the mixer.

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Image showing dosing equipment for SmartMoisture
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